"Todd is a first class professional with deep insight in the "wealth creation" business. A man of great integrity, principles and commitment who takes his work very seriously with a dedication second to none."

Business Advisory Services

As the Managing Partner of Todd Dean & Co., Mr. Dean brings a unique dimension with regards to businesses the world over, As a global, full-service business and investment advisory firm, TD&C focuses on the needs of mid-market and enterprise growth organizations.

The former founder of the Keiretsu Forum Northwest Mr. Dean brings a powerful and collaborative network including 1,000's of accredited investors on three continents whose members have invested more than $200m in 260 companies in technology, consumer products, healthcare/life sciences and real estate segments with high growth potential.

Strategic Advisory Services

Creating a strategy for a company today can be challenging. Here at Todd Dean & Co. we properly create the right goals to compliment a comprehensive business plan to move our client companies forward. We also create standout executive summaries along with complimentary PowerPoint presentations. The Team goes the extra mile to complete comprehensive research on the topic for the client and the additional information is added to a comprehensive market strategy. We also include a healthy exit strategy that is complimentary for all involved.

Growth Advisory Services

In an organized fashion, Todd Dean & Co. structures capital raises as well as proper valuations on a company. A growth strategy is also created to compliment the valuation. Incorporating all the company financial information is critical in this area as a true prospectus is created. This information is often incorporated into strategizing the company for domestic and international growth.

Team Building & Recruitment

At Todd Dean & Co. we pride ourselves on how we create our teams. Team building is about properly identifying the key players and placing them in the proper rolls to utilize their knowledge and skills. We create healthy executive teams where leadership skills are complimentary to each other and everyone works cohesively. The Board of Directors is selected from an array of contacts that meets the needs of the company.

The psychology of the team is developed from first hand knowledge of leadership vs management traits. We, here at Todd Dean & Co., have extensive experience with an array of leadership skills that will be utilized in various capacities for our clients. Our knowledge and experience enhances team development and all recruitment necessary.

"Todd is a charismatic leader with a tremendous network of friends and business associates. If you have an idea or a new business and need a spark to get in front of investors, Todd can be a great resource. Todd is a great guy, everyone loves to be around him. The value Todd brings to any company is remarkable."

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