"Todd is a first class professional with deep insight in the "wealth creation" business. 

Jeremy Hill President at JB Capital Management
I have had the privilege of knowing Todd for a few years. In that time, I have come to know him as one of the next great emerging leaders in Seattle business. Todd has an eye for opportunity and a passion for people, that continues to earn respect from those around him. He did a superb job with Keiretsu Forum, and I expect we will witness even greater success with his new venture.

Ziad Abdelnour Wall Street Investor & Financier, Pres.& CEO Blackhawk Partners, Chmn Financial Policy Council, Author Economic Warfare
Todd is a first class professional with deep insight in the "wealth creation" business. A man of great integrity, principles and commitment who takes his work very seriously with a dedication second to none. Real glad to have him as a valued partner at Blackhawk. Looking forward for a lifetime partnership.

Barbie Collins Young National Ambassador at PartyLite Gifts Ltd.
Every time I look at a company I am interested in - there Todd is as the person who could connect me. Todd has a gift like no other for connecting the right people with the right deals. He is very direct and has a savvy business acumen. He has personally helped me with work opportunities and connected me to the "right" people. Todd is the super-glue that can stick a great deal together. And he is also very funny at times...but shhh..

Gaby Adam, Founder and CEO, By the Sea Communications
Todd has a wonderful combination of business savvy and charisma, which makes him thoroughly enjoyable to work with. Most people can learn from the way Todd leads a room full of business people. His approach is confident, forceful and friendly.”

Keith Senator Founder at OverSignal
Todd is a charismatic leader with a tremendous network of friends and business associates. If you have an idea or a new business and need a spark to get in front of investors, Todd can be a great resource. He works with a team to get everything in order to further the success of a company. Todd is a great guy, everyone loves to be around him. The value Todd brings to any company is remarkable.

John Kaminski, Chief Sales Officer at Reischling Press Incorporated
Todd is a connector. He knows everyone and they all like him. He does a great job of recognizing potential benefits between individuals and then introducing them to each other. Todd has great vision and work ethic. He communicates clearly and empathetically. He's an all around great guy.

Laura Wagner, Start Up Entrepreneur
On our first call together, Todd insisted that I re-think the equity I was about to give way to my advisors. As I had not yet discussed my plans with anyone, I made immediate changes before proceeding. In the end, that one piece of advice will keep tens of millions of dollars in my pocket. Todd is a Ninja when it comes to (you can insert whatever you want here). Feel free to have anyone contact me for further accolades.

Mark Mitchell, Principal - Creekside Consulting
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Todd on two occasions. I’ve found Todd to be a problem solver bringing practical approaches to successfully bring a project to completion. Todd is smart, ethical, a veteran at identifying up-and-coming opportunities and very knowledgeable in funding strategy.

John Friess, Founder & CEO - Journey Gym
Over the past 4+ years Todd Dean has consistently been looking out for, and assisting, journey gym in multiple ways. I met Todd when he was the Co-Founder and President of the Keiretsu Forum NW Chapter. He assisted our company, journey gym, in navigating through the Keiretsu Forum process, assisted us in effectively communicating with prospective investors and positively impacted our results of raising $450K from K4.

Following Todd’s time at Keiretsu Forum he further assisted the company by continually introducing us to prospective partners and investors and by continually thinking of journey gym when opportunities arose. He worked as if we were a portfolio company, not only of Keiretsu Forum, but of his own. He ended up being a colleague we would call at various points for motivation and advice and even to this day he still is looking out for our startup. That is Todd Dean.

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